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PEACE mode 365 : celebrate the art of PEACE

Hi all, Welcome to PEACE mode 365.

Cheers to PEACE  Photo Courtesy: Kaustav Ghose

Peace mode 365: Let’s practice the art of PEACE




Duration: This pilot programme will run for 365 days starting in September,2011.


In these troubled times where the world is distraught with violence and there is so much turmoil, Peacemode 365 aims at celebrating life and peaceful living through the practice of the arts.


Peacemode 365 is an international, intergenerational project to connect creative minds throughout the world to promote the cause of peace. This is a global initiative for peaceful and harmonious living through arts.  Peacemode 365 will transcend borders in building bridges in connecting artists, writers, poets, photographers, film makers, journalists, musicians, theatre personalities and other creative minds to build a network for sustainability through peace. It will be a unique platform for peace activists engaged in promoting world peace and a culture based on human rights

Through the worldwide network of PEACE MODE 365, like minded creative minds will share information, experience, thoughts, expertise – all for the cause of Peace. The platform of PEACEMODE 365 will be shared by the young and the old, the experienced and the novice, by the liberals and the conservatives, the postmodern and the traditional and by organizations and individuals. Collectively they will be agents of change to find strategies and mechanisms of achieving world peace.

Our mission

A kaleidoscope of diverse ideas and expressions can be woven into a beautiful tapestry. Peacemode 365 will facilitate this weaving of a fabric by bringing together artists and their work. This peace project will run simultaneously in different parts of the world, starting with Geneva, then India, Africa, USA. As we build partnerships and find new collaborators for this project, we hope that PEACE MODE 365 will spread to other parts of the world.  Peace is a matter of choice. So let’s practice the art of peace and forge new bonds the world over. Make peace a way of life. There is an inherent good and evil in everyone and we are all prone to violence in one way or another. Peace and violence co exist in this world. The situations we live in, bring out the best and the worst in us. The aim of Peace 365 is to tap the inherent good and positive side in each individual in celebration of love and life.


The best practices in individual lives, stories of acceptance and inclusion, artistic expressions of harmony and tolerance in the visual media will be collated and put into a photo montage. The photo/video montage will be projected in public spaces like the Times Square in New York, at the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai, the book fair in Kolkata and so on. Other public spaces will be assigned for showcasing exhibits and artworks produced by various participants who contribute to the PEACE  MODE 365 campaign. This project is cyclical and I am hoping that it will run its course for 365 days in this pilot phase. Depending on its popularity and success, the next cycle will take its course.


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